I made this post earlier about having friends outside of ministry.
It’s something I think is very necessary for me, but it’s something that is hard to maintain. Maybe it’s just that I’m not doing a good job.
But the truth is, many of my friends don’t know what goes on in my world. Especially if they are not Christians. I’m sure there are few out there that think I have one of the easiest jobs, considering I only work on Sundays. Those who go to church know that my duties go beyond Sundays, but they don’t know how much.

I guess it’s a good thing to show them that we pastors are not just lazy people who choose to work once a week.
But it gets difficult to maintain the friendships. They have weekends off, I am the busiest over the weekends.

I had to miss a friend’s wedding because I couldn’t take time off to leave the island. This Sunday, I miss another friend’s wedding because it is on Sunday morning. Someone ask if I could get a “substitute” preacher. I couldn’t. It’s not that I’m trying to do everything all on my own for my church, but right now, I feel that our youth church is at a critical point and they need consistency. I’ve already missed two Sundays within the past 2 months. I just couldn’t, in my heart, be okay with not going to church, as much as I wanted to attend her wedding. It was a difficult choice.

I also found out that another friend gave birth to her son. I asked, “When is she due?” And a friend replied, “She gave birth last week!”

It’s really difficult to maintain relationships outside of church and outside of people in ministry. But I need it. I need to be surrounded by people every once in a while and the conversation be something that doesn’t have to deal with church. It’s nice to be surrounded by my high school friends, and sip on my rootbeer while they drink a beer and we just hang out.

I started thinking about this once again because I couldn’t attend my friends’ wedding this Sunday. But also, I was at Starbucks this morning working on my papers and there were these old guys in there just talking about a storm and cussing here and there. And I thought to myself, when I get that age, would I still be good friends with my secular friends? And as a Methodist, there’s not really that much consistency because of the itinerate system.

But with all that I have said, I know that God provides. There are sacrifices that I have to make (though people may not understand) but at the same time God is good, and God will keep my heart content in Him.

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