These are actual thoughts that ran into my mind throughout the day.

  • I go to Starbucks way too much. They start making my drink as soon as I walk in the door
  • Everyone is hinting that I should get a haircut
  • Am I too old to be thoroughly enjoying WWE?
  • I want to write a devotional book for youth leaders
  • I have way too many songs on my iPod that I do not listen to
  • If Ronald McDonald, Jack, The King and Wendy’s got in a brawl, who would come out on top?
  • God told Ezekiel to bake bread by using human excrements as fuel. Gross. Ezekiel said he has never defiled himself, and God said use cow poop instead. Still gross.
  • I do not like it when people dress their pets
  • I use too much sports analogies in my bible studies and sermons
  • I recommend you to go rent Once. It’s one of the best movies I’ve seen so far.
  • If everyone realized that they were a child of God, how different would our world be? What would our world look like?

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