Do you feel that a pastor should be wearing a suit and tie (or formal attire) when s/he is preaching?

My dad and I got into this discussion before he left for speaking engagements in Korea. I told him that I personally don’t mind seeing a pastor in jeans, even, and preaching the gospel. My parents completely disagreed. They feel that a suit and tie for a pastor is absolutely necessary.

Does it matter?
I know for some, it does. A pastor friend in DC gets complains from his congregation that he dresses to casual while preaching.
Francis Chan from Cornerstone Church once said that he doesn’t want to change who he is on just on Sundays. He is the same on Sunday as he is Monday – Saturday, so he preaches in what he is comfortable in. The day that he gave this sermon, he pointed out that he is wearing his jeans with holes in them to further annoy some members. It was funny the way he said it, and am positive he had no malicious intent.

Too bad I thought of this after my parents left, but I want to ask them, if Jesus was here today, what would he be wearing?

Couldn’t be argued that Jesus would be wearing casual clothing, maybe even jeans as he did his ministry? Wouldn’t Jesus be a blue-collar worker, by the fact that he was a carpenter by trade?

Or am I completely wrong?

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