We Need Rest

That was the line from Ordering Your Private World that made me stop and think on the bus ride to church this morning.
MacDonald goes on saying that this generation is a tired generation.
I think that we are even more of a tired generation since this book was written.

I constantly do see myself getting lost in all the work that is ahead of me, and forget to really be quiet and be with God.
Rest doesn’t mean just leisure fun away from work, it has to be deeper. I feel that I need to be with God, be refreshed, renewed, reaffirmed, re- everything in my call to God.

And please note this disclaimer. I am not criticizing my senior pastor. I just don’t completely agree with this aspect of his ministry: he doesn’t rest.
He is the busiest man I have ever seen.
I’ve been here for almost two years and he has yet to take a vacation or time away from church, besides going to conferences throughout the country.
That doesn’t sit well with me.
Some Korean pastors I know were proud of their feat of working 365 days a year without rest. Some were almost proud that they were able to sacrifice the welfare of their family by being at church.
I personally don’t think that’s what God had in mind when we’re called to ministry. I strongly believe that the family is the first place of ministry. And maybe that’s why we have so many Korean PKs (pastor’s kids) that go wild and crazy, because their fathers (in most cases it is fathers) were more invested in the health of the church rather then their health.
But not only that, how can one go on and on and on without giving the body and mind rest?
I find what my senior pastor is doing an amazing feat.
But how healthy can that be?
For the pastor, for the church?
I think Korean Immigrant churches also value their pastors doing things like this, not taking time off, always at church, always doing visitations, and so forth.
And I think that’s a reason why not many second generation pastors (like me) want to serve in a Korean-Immigrant church.

One of these days before the year ends, I want to take a silent retreat for a couple days, maybe even a week. I’m afraid that my request may be denied or looked down upon. 1) I’m already going to miss a month or so in the office because of my fast and 2) I don’t think the people will really understand/comprehend this time away to refresh my soul and my commitments and my love for God.
If the senior pastor doesn’t need to, why would I?

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