I am beyond upset. Which isn’t good attitude to be in before I lead Good Friday service.
We had 4 baptisms and 8 confirmations to celebrate this Sunday (out of the youth group)
The plan was that all 12 would be introduced in front of the adult congregation to congratulate them and be in community with them, which is the way it’s supposed to be in my opinion.
Got the call today that 12 students are too many, so the senior pastor wants the 8 confirmation students to be acknowledged only in the youth service.
This is just not right.
The message they’re sending is that the confirmation students are not part of the entire community, since the adults don’t want to celebrate confirmation of their baptism. And the reason that there are too many kids and not enough time is not a very viable reason.
I can’t believe I have to fight for something like this.
Those kids were told that they will be in front of the entire church and their parents, and as a community we would celebrate their confirmation.
Again, community is divided into the Korean Speaking Adults and the English Speaking Youth.
I don’t know what to do. The pastor’s mind seems to be made up.
But our kids are good. I’m sure that it won’t phase them (or at least I’m praying that it won’t). But it’s things like these that frustrates us Second Generation Korean pastors that work in an Immigrant Korean church.
I’m not over reacting, am I?

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