Last night, on our street, there was a gathering of some sort.
I’m assuming they were from a church. The group parked their van, and then set up speakers and a sound system. Then they just started yelling the Word of God while blasting Christian music of all genres.
This was during when most people on that street were enjoying their dinner.
I was told some police officers came and told them to turn down the volume.
Rahel and I drove past this, and I couldn’t help but feel a little annoyed.
I asked her, do you think this method really works? I felt more annoyed than compelled to listen to the preacher preaching loudly through the sound system.
Well, Rahel just looked at me and said, “they’re doing more than you.” Ouch. Because I know she was right.

So I’ve been sitting at my desk for the past 10 minutes trying to figure out why I’m so annoyed with some of the evangelistic methods. My secretary is on the adults Evangelism Team and she wanted me to order tracts for her. I went to the website she wanted me to go, and I felt my heart drop, because I don’t agree with the tracts. It’s all cartoon drawings, but I think it’s more damaging. For instance, in one tract, the Catholic man gets into an accident and has an out of body experience. But instead of going to heaven, he goes to hell. And he is shocked because he is a devout Catholic. His hell tour guide explains that he was wrong and all Catholics will go to hell because of their beliefs. After the tour, the man comes to and embraces the protestant faith.

I can’t really figure out why I was so annoyed with the people last night. My wife is right in saying that they are doing far more than I am. Though I am trying to break out of my shell more and more.
Or why I’m annoyed in general when people are so aggressive in getting the word of God to others. (Like the street evangelist who chased me for a block because I told him I was a Methodist. Or the sign holder in Las Vegas in front of the Bellagio’s that condemns gamblers, alcoholics, homosexuals and whatever to hell.)

And I feel bad for being annoyed and for criticizing when I’m sitting around and letting the world pass by me.
Perhaps that’s why I’m more annoyed than I should be, because it reminds me that I should get off my butt and do something…

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