I still don’t understand completely the itinerant system. I guess I don’t understand it completely, because I feel like there are some real big loop holes and the itinerant system isn’t really itinerant.

Anyway, what I want to avoid becoming is someone like a Larry Brown of the NBA. I don’t know for sure, but I think Larry Brown is going to coach his 5th team since 1993.
He doesn’t stay very long at a team. His teams always do well (except for the New York Knicks, maybe).

I don’t want to become restless at one church and then continue to find other churches to go. I don’t want to be one of those pastors who feel like their gifts are only planting churches and rarely sticking around to see how the planted church does. I kind of, sort of, feel that there maybe pastors out there who take advantage of the itinerant system to avoid certain things. But I may be completely off.

I just don’t want to move around so much, because I think that is damaging to the churches and to the pastor her/himself.

Let’s see how long Larry Brown stays in North Carolina. It’s also curious to see if he and MJ will get along.

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