Yesterday, we watched a great Monday Night Football game.
She’s from Dallas, so naturally, she likes the Cowboys. I hate the Cowboys. So naturally, I was rooting for the Eagles to win. Even though I don’t like the Eagles either. (Redskins fan here.)

In the middle of the game, she asks me why do I dislike the Cowboys so much. I just do. I never liked them. I don’t like Jerry Jones. I don’t like Emmitt Smith, though I don’t mind Irvin and Aikman. I don’t like the fact that they think that they are “America’s Team.” I just don’t like them. And I didn’t know how to really explain my dislike of the Cowboys to her.

Then she asked me this. She said, couldn’t you just switch your loyalties to the Cowboys so that we can be a Cowboys family? I started laughing.
She was serious, apparently.
I told her that I couldn’t “switch” my loyalties to the Cowboys. How ridiculous is that?
“Not even for me?”
Then I asked, well, since you don’t know much about football to begin with, why not become a Redskins fan?

I don’t think she talked to me much for the rest of the game.
But I’m sorry. Ask me anything else, but I just can’t, just can’t picture myself ever liking the Cowboys.

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