Yesterday, after the sermon, a member came up to me and gave me a compliment. Except it was the worst compliment I could receive.
She said to me, “I really enjoyed and loved your performance.”
And still, this morning, it is bothering me. Someone else told my wife (well, maybe it was the same person), “I would’ve paid to see something like that.”

I wish my wife didn’t tell me that.
These two compliments haven’t been sitting right with me.
In no way was I performing. The balance beam, that was an illustration to show that a lot of Christian hold on tightly to their comfort zone and not move beyond that.

I wasn’t out there to get a laugh. The purpose of my sermon wasn’t to get a laugh but to show how I, and many others, are dropping the ball. But in a loving way.
I wasn’t out there to entertain. I wasn’t preaching so that they can sit and enjoy the sermon. I want them to learn and to apply as much as they can.

So am I doing something wrong? Am I too casual in my approach to preaching?
It’s not that I’m taking preaching lightly. I never do.
And like I said, when I pray for the sermon and for the people I preach to, the prayer isn’t “God, let them be entertained” but “God, speak to them through me.”

A part of me is asking, is it really me or is it these people who misunderstand my purpose and passion?

I don’t know where to go from here. But I was (and still am) mortified that somebody said they enjoyed my “performance.”

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