So, perhaps my last post was a bit TMI (sorry Kevin, and everyone else). I couldn’t have that post be the last of the week, so here’s another mindless one.

I don’t know who to root for, when it comes to the NBA.
I don’t want to be a homer and root for any of the California teams.
The Wizards did not tug at my heart like the Redskins did. Every time we went to see the Wizards play, it was to see the other team, like Yao and the Rockets (though Yao was hurt that game.)

My two favorite players in the league right now is Chris Paul and Dwight Howard. But what does that mean? I’ll have to root for another team if they ever switched?

So, I guess what I’m saying is, my allegiance to an NBA team is now available.

If you could give me a team to root for and why, that’ll be helpful. Whatever team I choose from here on out, I will root for until I can’t root no more. And I will brush up on the history of that team, and also hope that my kids will root for that team too. (I don’t care what team my kids will root for. As long as it’s not the Dallas Cowboys.)
No Lakers, please.

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