Actually, he was  scolding and chastising me. I guess the better word is lecturing.
And to be honest with you, I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. It took me a couple of minutes to register what was really being said to me. I didn’t know how to react. I just started chuckling.
He asked, “what’s so funny?”
And I replied, “This conversation!”

Of course this could sound really bad.
But it wasn’t at all.

I was asking my SP if I could take a week off in March to head out to Vegas to see my sister-in-law, because the wife really wanted to see some family, since we frequent my parents a lot.

He asked me how many vacations I’ve taken so far, and I said none. It’s not like I didn’t mean to. The once a month or so Thurs – Saturday visits to Oxnard to see my parents, they were really refreshing in of itself. They were my mini-vacations. We loved the fact that my parents would fattened us up. We loved the fact that we weren’t in OC for those couple of days. So I felt rested and renewed every time I headed back to OC from Oxnard.
But my senior pastor looked at me and asked “None!?”
He was rather annoyed that I hadn’t taken a vacation yet.
And he was annoyed (more than me) that I wouldn’t be able to use all four weeks of my vacation, given the schedule. So he gave me next week off, and then a week in April, and told me to use my vacation time more wisely.
Why did I laugh?
Because this was the first time I’ve ever heard this coming from my senior pastor.
In my last setting, I felt like I had to pull teeth to get vacation time.  My senior pastor boasted that in 6 years of his ministry there, he had yet taken a vacation. And I thought to myself, that’s not something to be boasting of. So it felt difficult, as a youth pastor, asking for my vacation weeks, when he, the senior pastor, hadn’t taken a vacation for years. And the sad part is, I think there are quite a few Korean pastors who still operate like that.

I really had to reassess what I was hearing. And I couldn’t help but laugh. C’mon, who ever heard of being lectured for NOT taking vacation?

I’m looking forward to next week.
And I thanked my senior pastor for his words and guidance.
I’m just really thankful that I have a pastor who cares for my soul more than what statistics I can bring to the church, which is a new experience for me.

And I can assure you, from July 09 to July 10, my four weeks of vacation will be used up.

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