I received an email from a student who was confused on what his church was asking him and other youth to do. They were going to go to a protest rally to protest against gay marriages. He said he was a bit confused that the church would tell him to do something like this.

My response was that this was a decision that the leaders concluded with, that this is important to them. But be assured that not everyone in the youth may feel that way. I explained that homosexuality is a really hot and sticky issue amongst the churches, and will probably continue to be so for many years to come. And I told him that my prayer is that more than protesting and petitioning and rallying against all these political and moral issues, that we remember the call to love how God loves and love who God loves. And yes, that includes the gay people.
I didn’t really know how to respond, because he’s not my student and that’s not my church, and I don’t want to undermine their leaderships and their decision. (Especially, since I used to work at that church.)

If our churches and church members paid more attention to the plank in our eyes rather than the specks in the eyes of others, who knows what our society may look like today.
Instead of focusing so much on sin, I wish we could focus more on someone’s potential in God’s plans. I loved it when Shane Claiborne said that Jesus never spoke to a prostitute, because he never saw a prostitute, only a child of God.

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