Losing My Mind

I’m only 28.
I have no kids. Yet.
What will my sanity look like when I’m beyond 30 and with kids?

Yesterday, I was going crazy.
I drove to the bank to deposit a reimbursement that I received from the Annual Conference.
As I parked my car in front of the bank, I could have sworn that the check was in the car next to me and that I picked it up.
I got out of the car, grabbed my jacket and put it on and started walking to the bank. Halfway there, I reached into my pocket only to find the check was not there. I looked in the other pocket. Nothing. Checked the back pockets. Nada. Checked my jacket pockets. Nothing. I could’ve sworn I brought it with me.
Went to the car. Looked under all the seats. No sign of the check.
Looked under the car itself.
Started to worry that on my way out of the car, it flew away. So I walked around the vicinity of my car trying to see if the check flew anywhere.
Then I started really questioning myself. Was the check really in the car? Did I really bring it?
After about 20 minutes of searching at the parking lot, I decided to head on home to look for the check there.

I got home and searched the living room for it. My wife said she saw me take it. But I told her it was nowhere to be found in the car.
Now, I start to panic. Who do I contact for a lost check? How long will this check take?
And in my sweating, I realized I was wearing a jacket and a sweater, and it was getting real hot.
I started to take off my jacket, when I felt paper in my left arm.

Lo and behold! There was the check!

What happened?
As I was getting out of the car, the check was in my left hand.
When I put on the jacket, the check slipped out of my finger and found a comfortable resting place in my sleeve.
The entire time, the check was in the sleeve of my jacket.
My wife couldn’t stop making fun of me. And rightfully so.

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