My T-Mobile Contract was running out and on top of that, I wanted to have a local number, so it was time to get a new phone.
Of course, I would’ve loved getting an iPhone. And I thought about it.
I wouldn’t have mind sticking with T-Mobile and getting the HTC phone or one of the google phones.

But instead, I just went with a regular old flip phone from T-Mobile.
I currently have a Blackberry Pearl. But in no way do I use it to its full potential.
In fact, 3 months after I got my Blackberry Pearl two years ago, I cancelled the data plan because I started noticing this unhealthy trend in my life.
I have to admit. I’m addicted to the Internet. I spend waaaay too much time on it. I spend more time than I should on Facebook and twitter.
When I had the data plan on my BBP, I was CONSTANTLY connected to the internet. Every time my phone would blink to notify me of a new email, I’d check it immediately. And often respond to it right after I read it.
I noticed that I was working when I shouldn’t be. It wasn’t healthy to be at the movie theaters and reading a church-related movie (not to mention how annoying it is when you’re watching a movie and the light from someone checking their email/text on their phone is shining brightly… it’s distracting).
It’s just not right to be so connected all the time.
I don’t need to check my email wherever I am.
I don’t need to be online 24/7.
And I definitely don’t need to shell out an extra 20-30 dollars for a data plan. (or the money for a smart phone).
I just need to make phone calls and text. So that’s that.

Now I just need to find a way (and will-power) to slightly curb this Internet addiction…

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