So, in the news, IHOP, the International House of Pancakes was suing IHOP, the International House of Prayer for trademark infringement. When I first heard the news, my first reaction was “it’s about time.”
Look, I think IHOP (prayer house) is doing great things for their community. But, Christians are notorious for violating the 8th Commandment when it comes to logos and brands.

I mean, I googled some stuff and here’s a few things I found:

I mean, I ain’t no lawyer, but I don’t think you can take well-known logos and slogans, and then sell it for a profit. And again, not being a lawyer, does IHOP (prayer) have any chance of winning?
Of course, some Christians will go on saying that this is a way that IHOP (pancakes) and other secular business are trying to bring down churches and Christianity. But, in reality, it’s about Christians not understanding the importance of copyright and trademark laws and violating the 8th Commandment so freely.
So, don’t blame IHOP (pancakes) for suing for trademark infringement.
Maybe it’s time that we Christians really tap in to the talents that God has given us and come up with original things, instead of consistently violating the 8th Commandment and then crying foul and persecution when we are called out for it.

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