So last night, my mom called us and let us know that she had bad news.
She let us know that something was wrong with Bbomi, our dog. Bbomi was having a hard time breathing and barely moving. They took her to the vet and the vet gave her the shots she may have needed. My parents also learned that Bbomi had heart previous heart problems and her heart was bigger than the normal for dogs her size.
My parents adopted Bbomi months after Nari had died.
The original owners wanted to give Bbomi away because, while the mother and daughter loved the dog, the father did not and would constantly beat and abuse Bbomi.

During the first few months Bbomi lived with my parents, she was very wary of my dad. She would nice towards my mom, but very defensive of my mom around my dad. But eventually, Bbomi grew to trust my dad.
And they treated her very well.
They doted on her and loved her… and I’m sure that my dad spoiling her with food didn’t help Bbomi’s heart condition. She often got better treatment from my parents than my wife and I received.

About an hour or so after the initial phone call from my mom, she called again, this time to let us know that Bbomi had died. She said that she was calling Bbomi over but Bbomi wouldn’t move. So my mom went and picked Bbomi up, and cradled Bbomi in her arms. She said that Bbomi moved a little and then let out a last breath and died in my mom’s arm.

With all things considered, that’s not a bad place to go.

My parents seemed to have a heart for abused dogs, and I know that both Nari and Bbomi received more love in their lives with my parents. So I’m glad that they got to be part of a loving family. And I know that both those dogs were a great addition to my parents lives, as well.

Of course, it hasn’t completely hit me yet.
But later this week, when I go to my parents’ house, I know that it’s going to seem really empty not hearing that crow-like barking of hers. It’s going to take a while to get used to not chasing Bbomi out of the room or petting her. Actually, with Bbomi gone, I guess there’s no real reason to visit my parents anymore. I’m just kidding.

I never really thought that losing a dog would have such an impact on me.
When we lost Nari, I was really bummed, especially because of the way she died.
We thought that we would have Bbomi for at least a couple of more years (she was 8 ) and that it would be easier the second time around because I figured Bbomi would go naturally.

But it’s not any easier. It’s still sad. And it still sucks.
And I feel for my parents too. My mom said that she doesn’t want to own a dog anymore. She said that when Nari died. But something tells me that she’s a bit more serious this time. I guess I feel sorry for my mom, because now she has no buffer between her and my dad. Again, I kid.

In all honesty, things could be a lot worse. When my mom called with the lead in sentence being “I have bad news” things could have been a lot worse. But in our little family bubble of a world, this was bad news.

I’m just glad that we had Bbomi for the past 3 yars. She brought joy and laughter to me and my parents. She received love and kindness… and was spoiled vastly, by my parents.

I wish I was more eloquent and better with words. But I’m not. The best way I can sum up my feelings is: This. Really. Sucks.

The pictures at the beginning of the post are my favorite pictures I have of Bbomi.
The cartoon below made me smile as I was thinking of Nari, Bbomi and my parents.
Thanks for reading. 🙂

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