I had just finished a post about ineffectiveness in ministry, mostly about clergy being ineffective.

The Cabinet may know which clergy may be ineffective. And they may say that this clergy is ineffective and so forth.

But, what happens when we have members on the Cabinet that are ineffective?

I thought it was a legitimate question to ask and explore. There are ways to deal with clergy who are ineffective, but are there ways to deal with District Superintendents who may be “ineffective”? I mean, how do you tell your “boss” that they’re not doing their job as best as they could?

Anyway, that was the basis of the post.

But, it got… kinda out of hand, I guess. And I thought, I need to sleep on this so that I can phrase everything better and not sound like I’m ranting. Which I wasn’t. I was just pondering.

And — just to make sure it’s clear and that everyone knows, I absolutely value, love, and respect my DS and these lines of questions and thoughts have nothing to do with him or anything like that.

A conversation started between me and a friend — who’s a pastor going through the ordination process. And I wanted to continue the conversation in this post — but I think, I need to really sleep on it.

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