I’ve always found it silly when a friend of mine in seminary would insist on tackling deep theological topics or try to convert someone to believe in Christ whilst they were hammered.
I found it silly because he could barely string together understandable sentences. The conversation will be filled with slurred and made up words. No one knew what they were saying. But I suppose those involved in the conversation knew what was being discussed. Only to never remember what was really discussed the following day.
But, I’m being snarky and a bit judgmental, so do forgive me.

Last night, I came across this story (via Angry Asian Man).
To summarize the story, Douglas Yim and two friends were drinking, doing cocaine, and playing video games when the conversation of God and God’s existence came up.
Douglas’ friends mocked him for his belief in God, and after being badgered (with taunts like, “where’s your God now” after losing video games), snapped, grabbed his gun and shot his friend 6 times, killing him.

It’s an awful story… and I think I’ll just leave it at that.

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