I've backed 3 kickstarter campaigns (and thinking about a 4th one).
The first two were things my friends were working on. (Home of the Brave and I Hate You)
The third one was the Forever Bible, for reasons I can't explain, I just want.
And the fourth one I'm thinking about is this Klik Belt. Because — well, I don't know why. I just want it.

Which got me thinking.
Can I say I'm for something if I don't put my money where my mouth is?
For instance, I was walking home from Starbucks a while back when a representative from D.A.R.E. stopped me and asked me to pledge to their cause. D.A.R.E. used to be (solely) a drug program from what I remembered, but now it seemed to really be focused on stopping bullying. And I'm a huge proponent for anti-bullying campaigns.
It just that I didn't have any cash on me. I rarely carry any cash on me, so that I'm not lying when I say I don't have cash.
The lady said, “It's okay, we take credit cards now, too.”
Oh. But, on that day, I had forgotten my wallet. I really did. And when I said that, I felt stupid because I was holding a Starbucks cup and so I went out of the way to explain to her that I buy Starbucks through the Starbucks app on my phone. (I really do).

As I walked away, I lamented not using my always trusty (but very dishonest) go-to excuse: “Eh? Sorry. No speak english. So sorry.”

But, how much am I for anti-bullying if I don't put my money behind my beliefs?
Or take some of my friends who boycotted Chic-Fil-A. I disagreed with Chic-Fil-A — but I couldn't join my colleagues in boycott them. I am weak. We don't even have a Burger King in Santa Barbara and every time I go to McDonalds, I start a journey of self-loathing. Chic-Fil-A was just too good to give up.
But, every time I went, I made sure I didn't enjoy it as much. Okay, that's a lie, too. I can't not enjoy their waffle fries and sandwiches.

But yet — I'm willing to drop some money on kickstarter campaigns? I sometimes don't understand myself.
Which then got me thinking about church.
I'm learning that this generation is a very generous. Just not to the church. They give to charities; non-profits; causes; to things like Kickstarter; but when it comes to the church you can almost hear the crickets chirping.
Why is that?
Is it because they just don't believe the church can have any impact in the community anymore? Or they feel that the church is so out of touch with the world that the church wouldn't know where to begin to actually make the world a better place?

And I wonder — if my parents didn't engrain in my brain and heart the discipline of tithing; and if I wasn't a pastor — would I give to the church?

Back to my original question: can you say you are for something if you never want to open up your wallet and support that cause?


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