My Story

Welcome to my blog!
Perhaps you’ve found me through an article I wrote for Ministry Matters. Or maybe you found me through our church’s website. Or maybe you just stumbled upon my page after googling something. However you came upon this blog, thanks for reading!
If you browse through the posts in this blog, you’ll soon learn that it’s all over the place, topics wise. That’s a fair assessment. I write mostly about thoughts on life, ministry (I am a pastor, after all…) and everything else in between.
According to WordPress, here are the top 3 most read posts from this blog (not necessarily my best or my personal favorites, but posts that brought people to this blog):
Pastor’s Dress Code
Who is Jesus Christ to You?
Volunteering vs. Serving

If you subscribe to the blog, you can expect about 1 post a week. Usually on a Wednesday. Sometimes, I’ll get carried away and update 3 times a week!!! But those days are far and few in between.
And let it be known — my writings skills aren’t that great. You will find grammatical mistakes here and there (and everywhere). Please forgive me. I’m trying my best. English is my second language! (At some point, I should stop using that excuse… I’ve been in this country since I was 6… And my Korean isn’t that great either. I don’t have a good grasp of any of the languages I speak).

Again, thank you for reading. Please feel free to leave comments on my blog and if you want to get in contact with me, email me @ [pastorjosephyoo][@]gmail[.]com (just remove all the brackets). Or follow me on twitter!


Name: Joseph Yoo
Somewhere in Korea | Hometown: I consider Mililani, Oahu, HI my hometown | Current: Pearland, TX
Education: Mililani High School | University of Hawaii – Manoa (BA in Psychology) | Wesley Theological Seminary
You can purchase:
Converge Bible Studies – Practical Prayer;
Converge Bible Studies – Encountering Grace

Blog Disclaimer
I often say stupid and (perhaps) inappropriate things. So you should know that my thoughts and opinions do not reflect the United Methodist Church or the church that I currently serve: First United Methodist Church of Pearland

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